BLUE CAVE - Descent into the blue

GPS Coordinates: 42° 22′ 25.72″N, 18° 35′ 47.27″E

One of the places that you must visit, while sailing the Montenegrin coast, is the Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) on the Lustica peninsula in Boka Bay.

You can get to it only from the seaside. The cave is located about 4.5 NM from marina Lustica Bay, 7 NM from marina Portonovi, 10.5 NM from marina Porto Montenegro. From the port of Kotor, the Blue Cave is the distance by 17 nautical miles.

This is one of the most impressive sea caves in Montenegro.

Massive rock cave with reflective blue water about five meters deep that is great for boat tours, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.

The area of the Blue Cave is about 300 square meters. The water is between 3 meters  and 5 meters deep, with 9 meters above sea level vault.

This cave can only be reached by yacht, tender or kayak. There are two entrances that allow for the smaller boats to enter the cave.

Visit and admire the reflection of blue light.

After Blue Cave, on coming back to one of the marinas in Bay of Boka Kotorska you can see the Mamula fortress, visit fishing village Rose and other interesting places.

Entrance to Blue Cave, Source:

Entrance to Blue Cave, Source:

Blue Cave, Source:

Blue Cave, Source:

Plava Spilja, Source:

Plava Spilja, Source:

source Stevieisobel (Instagram)

source Stevieisobel (Instagram)

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