Tivat - The jewel of Montenegrin yachting tourism

GPS Coordinates:42.4350° N, 18.7066° E

Tivat is located in the central part of Boka Bay and represents a modern tourist destination interesting to tourists.

Tivat is one of the recent and most modern towns in Boka Bay. The town has a lot of interesting and attractive sights.

The biggest attraction of Tivat and the whole Montenegrin coast is surely the Marina Porto Montenegro, which is considered the most exclusive marina on the Adriatic. The combination of a spectacular destination and a modern marina will offer you a service on a world level.

Tivat is up to a three-hour flight from major European cities. In Tivat is located internationally airport – Airport Tivat. There are two airports nearby: airport Dubrovnik (46 km) and Podgorica airport (90 km).  All three airports are well connected by regular charter flights.


  • The naval heritage museum is hidden out of the main village in Porto Montenegro, but it's well worth visiting. Porto Montenegro used to be called the Arsenal, one of the largest naval bases on the Adriatic, founded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1889. The museum now houses over 300 exhibits of the area's naval history. There is even a restored Yugoslav submarine on site.
  • “Holy Archipelago” near Tivat consists of three islands – Sveti Marko island (Stradioti), the Island of Flowers and Our Lady of Mercy. All three of these islands are famous for numerous legends, rich history as well as holy places of pilgrimage.
  • Beaches aroud Island of Sveti Marko and Ostrvo Cvijeca  (Island of flowers), perfect for morning swimming.
  • Ljetnjikovac Buca (Mansion Buća) in the center of Tivat, a revitalized monument with gallery space and open air theatre where exhibitions concerts took place.
  • Solila is a special floristic-faunal reserve. They are located in the swampy part of the coastal zone of the Gulf of Tivat. It is interesting from the tourist point of view for birdwatchers that the flamingos or pennant bird, which is a very rare bird, lives in the area of ​​Solil. With their development in the future, Solila acquires the potential to become an ornithological park.
  • If you are a fan of beautiful views, we suggest a hiking tour to Gornja Lastva.  Gornja Lastva is located in the hinterland of Tivat, at an altitude of about 300 m, on the slopes of the hill Vrmac. This village is mentioned in the XIV century and is one of the few preserved rural areas and as such attracts many tourists and tourists.


In Tivat are located numerous elite restaurants with international and local specialties.

  • Forza Porto - A spectacular restaurant, located in the Ksenija building offering an exquisite menu and uninterrupted views of the marina Porto Montenegro from a beautiful garden terrace.
  • Gallardo restaurant - the first traditional steakhouse in the area of Boka Bay.  This restaurant is number one for tasty and contemporary meat dishes.
  • Murano - Located on the seafront, "Murano" restaurant brings a breeze of azure blue color and a flawless style of unobtrusive luxury. The menu centers around Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, prepared with locally sourced and organic herbs.
  • Nikki Beach Restaurant is an urban bistro, well known for delectable dishes inspired by Nikki Beach locations worldwide. This restaurant offers amazing combinations of food and unforgettable tastes of Mediterranean and international cuisine.


In front of port Tivat there is a possibility for anchorage even of big ships, due to depth of 18-20 m. On the east part of Tivat Bay (Podpolje beach) there are basins for breathing seashells and anchorage is strictly prohibited.

In Donja Lastva, on the east shore of Tivat Bay, between cape Seljanovo and the strait of Verige anchorage is recommended in front of the beach on a depth of 30m. Sea bottom is sandy and muddy and holds anchor well.

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Source Elitetraveler.com Marina Porto Montenegro

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Source Montenegro.nikkibeach.com Nikki Beach Restaurant

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Source My Sea.com Porto Montenegro Resort

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Source Sharemontenegro.me The Solila Tivat

The Naval Heritage Museum

The Naval Heritage Museum

View On Airport Tivat And Holy Archipelago

View On Airport Tivat And Holy Archipelago

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