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22 Jun

Special transport and logistics in yachting

When it comes to logistics and transport in yachting industry it has significant role in overall planning and preparation both in daily operations and upon season and location change. Over past years we had lot of different requests for transportation services and that is reason why we connected through our partners network with cargo and transport companies all over Europe and world so that we are now able to find reliable ways of transportation for all our clients’ needs.

Regardless of size of your toy, tender or yacht we can find you most suitable option for land transport (regular land transport up to 2.5 meters in width and special land transport for oversized cargo), air cargo for spare parts, toys or some urgent deliveries or sea transport (container transport, open container transport for oversized boats, boat delivery or specialized boat transport on transport ships) and get you all information and details so that you can decide what would suit you best. Sometimes if you are on your mega yacht and some of your tenders need repair or service and you must leave it behind due to your schedule, we can organize your tender to be delivered to any port or marina so that you have it with you again as soon as possible.

We cooperate with world renowned companies so that all our clients have best service and wider choice for their needs. We can rent or make cradles for all sizes of yachts, find insurance so that all your assets are safe during their transportation. For the land transport we have lowrider trailers, boat trailers for up to 25 tons as well as smaller trailers for all kinds of jet-skis and tenders. From Montenegro all over the Europe and world we can source out several methods of transport, and if you need to transport your yacht into Montenegro, we will do our best to give you all inclusive service with full support for customs procedure and forwarding agency needs so that you are all covered.

If you prefer bringing your boat in or out by sea, our fleet of experienced captains some of them with over 30 years of experience in yachting, offshore and commercial shipping are at your service to bring your boat, and you as well, to any point in the world. We have completed more than thirty yacht deliveries all over the Med, from Lebanon, to Gibraltar and Valencia.

With immediate availability we can respond to all your requests.

If you have any inquires or need some information, please feel free to contact us anytime as we will be more than happy to assist you with anything related to logistics and transport.

Our phone is +38267132233 (WhatsApp available) or email