Galley cleaning on the yacht in Montenegro

17 Jan

Galley cleaning on the yacht in Montenegro

Everyone working on the sea knows how important are fire and safety precautions. Yachts, as well as cargo and all other medium to large size vessels, have their own kitchens where food is prepared for crew or guests or both. A very important detail about them is ventilation systems that are built in. During preparation of food oil, grease, fat and all of other sticky products evaporates and fly through ventilation causing walls of vent channels to become sticky. Afterward, all kind of dust, dirt and small particles gets on it increasing its size and reducing airflow through it. Layer by layer it gets on and since all these things are very inflammable they represent a serious threat to any kind of vessel.


When people clean the kitchen on the vessel, they can reach a limited part of it and more detailed cleaning needs to be done by certified professionals with special equipment. Sometimes even some parts of vent need to be disassembled so that every point gets proper chemical and physical treatment.

Galley duct cleaning performed by a specialized person may prevent potentially huge damage to boat and persons on it. From previous experience, we have found out that most of the fire accidents in the kitchen have started or are directly connected to the ductwork built in the kitchen. Constantly heating and cooling of the kitchen exhaust hood cause grease to leak a bit. Sometimes just indirect heat transmission can set everything on flames.

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Through the network of reliable service persons and authorized maintenance professionals, our company can provide premium quality protection from these potential situations.
Be free to contact us anytime and we will provide you visit from the technician that will look through your system and give you detailed offer for all works needed to keep your kitchen ventilation clean and your personal, crew and guest safe and sound.
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