24 Apr


This year month of March premiered something that is, hopefully, beginning of a proper winter/spring entertainment in yachting world in Montenegro – very first Superyacht Winter Games.

They took place in Montenegrin ski resort Kolasin on second weekend and during last weekend of same month all over Porto Montenegro, Tivat. Although one weekend was reserved for snowboarding and a bit cooler temperatures, very warm atmosphere was among all participants. Lots of fun, jokes and overall positivity is main impression of us all.

All crew members which have their boats berthed in marina during this winter, some agency members, real estate agents and many more were free to take their place and show their skills in various sports.

First weekend gave offer to everyone to learn basics of snowboarding with qualified instructors, spend some time on snow, and feel winter in north of Montenegro, taste some of their wonderful cuisine and specialities.

Unfortunately, our team was not present on first weekend due to both personal and business obligations that weekend but will definitely not miss it again. We took part of second weekend in marina and as soon as we came on Friday night briefing we could see what is ahead of us. Lots of young people thrilled and full of positive vibes welcomed us and talked how ski weekend was great.

After welcome speech from our organizers Jovana and Claudio teams of four were randomly picked, so we ended in very mixed party, chosen our team name (it was ‘’North Wind’’, same as strongest Montenegrin wind also known as ‘’Bura’’), and then we were presented all games that we will train and play during weekend. Petanque, croquet, golf, archery, laser clay shooting, SUP boarding, badminton, volleyball, soccer were disciplines. Big variety and totally different set of skills needed for each disciplines were very interesting for us all, since these games are mostly international and not so popular in Montenegro yet (not for long as it seems).

Every game was team oriented so we had to get to know all our teammates good. They told us Saturday is for getting to know our team and to exercise all sports, but also they announced that we will have sailing lessons and even race afterwards.

Weather was just as it should be, sunny, warm, a bit windy in the morning and stronger in afternoon, perfect for sailing. That Saturday morning started with short gathering and then we were moving from one training ground to another in 25-minutes training and a word from instructors. Maybe it seems short time but trust me, it was more than enough. After short lunch break we went to docks where we met with sailing instructors for a short introduction of sailing how to and basics.

For me it was first time sailing on race boats and our instructor Sammy explained to us everything to details and as we went out of marina positioned herself above rudder (so she can intervene if necessary), but let us do all by ourselves which was amazing. For a couple of hours we positioned us on position on boat and then they sounded for race start preparation. You could see hype and amusement of all of us as we gathered for beginning. We raced two times since weather was perfect for it. It was highlight for me, since I will definitely go sailing often from now.

As we came to marina we went to rest a bit and then we gathered for pizza and bowling night in PMYC. As we played some billiard, table football and bowling we got to know with other teams and it was great.

Sunday was reserved for main competition as we had 10 minutes to complete each discipline and 5 minutes to switch between positions. Playing grounds for different sports are all around marina village so we circled all around it running and joking with other teams as we do it. After everything ended we gathered for surprise game, few drinks at DJ booth on jetty and then we headed for lunch and awards ceremony at the ‘’One’’ restaurant. All of us got medals for participation and the best team got award (sadly we were not winners, we got blown away by ‘’Hurricane’’ team). We even spontaneously organized after party by ourselves at Isle of Flowers as a great way to finish this weekend.

Would like to thank to all people from organization for a wonderful job that they had done for us all, all Porto Montenegro team and people involved in the event. Also was pleasure meeting all these people from all parts of world. Hoping that this kind of events will grow bigger every year, as yachting is developing in Montenegro, and that it may become event that will gather and attract more crews and people to decide spending their winters in Montenegro.

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