Montenegro is opening marinas and announcing beginning of maritime season

24 Apr

Montenegro is opening marinas and announcing beginning of maritime season

As announced yesterday by Montenegrin PM Dusko Markovic, Montenegro will start liberation from complete quarantine period caused by COVID 19 virus from March this year and one of the first measures to be conduct will be opening of the marinas and ports for international traffic of sailing and motor yachts in and out of Montenegro. All the borders were closed in the middle of March even though our country have not had confirmed cases of Corona virus at that time. Timely reaction have caused low infection rate throughout Montenegro and made it possible to begin with planning of preparation for touristic season of 2020 which significant part represent nautical tourism.

Most likely this will happen in the beginning of May, with adequate measures that need to be taken care of, personal hygiene, keeping social distance and all those who will work in the industry wearing masks, gloves and all other necessary equipment so that all guests and crew members can feel and stay safe in Montenegro. All crewmembers and guests on boats that enter Montenegrin waters will have to be in self-isolation for 28 days on their berth in marina. During that period agents can organize provisioning, supplying, or any other kind of assistance which are needed for their safe and comfortable stay.

Although small in population, there is large number of seaman in our country working worldwide who due to limited travel possibility all over the world have stayed longer on their jobs, or at home waiting for this situation to pass. Now, Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs (MTMA) have instructed all seaman that they will provide logistic for their transportation and will be at their service for all information and help regarding their embarkation all over the world.

If you are in need for this or any other kind of assistance related to matter, you can contact them on through contact details listed here.

During the closure period, all of people involved in maritime industry have continued to work and prepare for summer season so we have all our capacities ready, marinas offering even better services, berth rates and offers, which will be even more competitive this year. Expansion and improvement of the facilities is evident all over Montenegrin coast and visitors will be able to fully feel and use all of them.

Of course, precaution measures are almost same as during isolation period because even world scientists do not have precise information about virus and that we still need to be careful so we don’t cause it comeback. Everyone still need to be more than careful and only all together we can all enjoy time that is yet to come.

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