20 May


Croatia has come to a decision on the 9th of May 2020, about the temporary ban of crossing the border crossings and following recommendations by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. In the following are some of their clarifications and instructions:

Croatian and foreign seafarers crossing the state border

  • The latest amendments enable all foreign nationals to sign on aboard merchant ships and yachts that are berthed, laid-up or idle in the Republic of Croatia.
  • Foreign nationals who are crew members after signing on aboard ship or yacht are not subject to the self-isolation measure onboard that vessel.
  • Foreign nationals who are crew members of the ships and yachts already in the ports of the Republic of Croatia shall be allowed to enter the Republic of Croatia.

Foreign nationals - owners of yachts and boats located in the Republic of Croatia

  • This instruction applies to yachts and boats providing accommodation and multi-day stay onboard.
  • Foreign nationals who own yachts and boats located in the Republic of Croatia may cross the state border upon presentation of documentation proving either the ownership of the vessel, or the entitlement to use the vessel (lease leasing contract). The documentation proving the ownership should be also supported by berth usage contract and/or confirmation from the nautical port that the vessel is presently berthed in the respective marina.
  • In addition to the owner of the vessel, his family members may also cross the state border. When, in addition to the owner, members of his immmediate family are to be on board, in addition to presenting the documents, it is necessary to present a completed List of crew and passengers of the yacht or boat for personal use attached to this instruction. To avoid unexpected crowds, marinas should confirm the arrival at the time indicated on the form.

Other foreign nationals crossing the stute border

  • Vessel charter, and or using the accommodation service on ships, yachts and boats is considered a vitally important economic reason for coming to the Republic of Croatia that has to be evidenced by the List of crew and passengers entered in the eNautika system either by the charter company or by vessel's owner. The status of the document „Under preparation" shall also be acceptable.
  • The arrival of representatives of recognized foreign organizations (Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, RINA…) in Croatian shipyards and ports for the purpose of extending the validity of existing certificates or issuing new ones to ships and yachts, shall be allowed upon presentation of an invitation from the respective Croatian shipyard, ship owner or agent.

Sailing in and navigation in the Republic of Croatia

  • Foreign boats and yachts with the full length below 24 meters are still prohibited to enter the Republic of Croatia.
  • Ships entering the Republic of Croatia for lay-up (temporary standstill) in Croatian ports will be allowed to enter only provided that there are about 40-50 crew members on board during the major portion of the approved period of stay, unless the ship has obtained approval from the local civil protection headquarters.
  • Navigation is permitted to all the ships, yachts and boats currently in the Republic of Croatia.
  • During vessel's stay at birth in ports open to public and nautical ports, it is necessary to prevent the passage of guests and crew members from one versel to another.
  • Vessels not provided with built-in automatie identification systems (AIS) or any other electronic navigation tracking system are recommended to keep records of all port callings from the beginning of their navigation to the end of the navigation.

All the above crew members and boaters are recommended to limit their visits to the shore only to the most necessary ones in the first 14 days of stay in the Republic of Croatia, These 14 days will also include the days of sailing or staying at the anchorage before arriving in the Republic of Croatia, during which they had no contacts with other persons.

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