Noncommercial and private jets arrivals to Montenegro are allowed

21 May

Noncommercial and private jets arrivals to Montenegro are allowed

The Institute of Public Health amended the orders on the suspension of public transport, also of passengers in international air traffic and the ban on the entry of foreigners into Montenegro. Which was brought into force for the purpose of protection against the infectious disease Covid-19. Namely, from 20. 05. 2020. the ban on non-commercial air traffic (transport of passengers for own needs) is excluded from the order.

Non-commercial air traffic in Montenegro is allowed with the obligatory observance of the following measures:

1) The aircraft used for non-commercial air traffic may have a capacity of up to 10 seats;

2) Crew and passengers are obliged to wear protective masks when getting off the aircraft and during their stay in the airport building;

3) When entering Montenegro, passengers and crew must have a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 (Corona virus) not older than 48 hours;

4) After entering Montenegro, health supervision measures are taken upon passengers, in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro;

5) For the arrival / departure of passengers from the passenger terminal to the accommodation it is necessary to organize a special transport, in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute,

6) When staying in a hotel or other accommodation, passengers are obliged to apply to the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health.

This means that yacht owners and yacht crew are able to fly in the Montenegro, with handling of the necessary measures but not with a measure of quarantine or self-isolation.

Montenegro is sending a message that in this way it wants to open the tourist season in a responsible and serious way and to prepare for the arrival of foreign citizens, crew members and tourists.

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