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Marina Bar

The Heart of a City That Will Steal Your Own

Marina Bar

At the southern edge of Montenegro lies the picturesque city of Bar. With rolling mountains, warm waters and a bustling cityscape, it’s a hugely popular destination for yachters from around the world. It’s not so hard to see why the city is so beloved by travellers; everything you could ever want is just steps away from your boat. The beauty of Bar is truly something you have to experience yourself to truly understand.
GPS coordinates of marina Bar:
  • N 42 05.897

  • E 19 05.265

Plenty of Room

With its capacity of 600 berths, the Port of Bar is one of the largest in Montenegro. No matter the size of your vessel, we’ll find you the perfect mooring location for you to enjoy your stay.

Dozens of hotels and restaurants are just a stone’s throw away from the dock, nestled by wide swathes of warm, white beaches. Bar’s welcoming coastline gives you plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

A Modern City With Ancient Roots

For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the intoxicating beauty of Bar’s countryside.

The city’s chic, contemporary looks belie a much longer history, rich with romance and excitement. The blend of tradition modernity within the Port of Bar’s city limits make it a huge tourist destination and hub for coastal expeditions.

Why not experience the beauty of Bar and its neighboring cities for yourself?

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