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Yacht, Crew and Passengers Insurance in Montenegro

Yacht, Crew and Passengers Insurance in Montenegro

Protect Your Vessel Against the Unexpected
It’s a harsh reality: no matter how many plans you make or how much you prepare beforehand, disaster can always strike. What matters is what you do next. While you may not always be able to prevent an accident, how it affects you is something you can control. Lessen the financial burden that catastrophe brings by investing in a world-class yacht insurance policy with the help of Yacht Agent Montenegro.
Pay for the Repairs, Not the Repair Shop
Footing the bill for a large repair can be a huge blow to your bank account - however, it doesn’t have to be. With a decent insurance plan to cover your catamaran or other pleasure craft, you’ll reduce your final bill by a huge amount simply by being prepared.
Plans for Passengers and Crew
You’ll find we carry much more than just craft insurance. Many of our plans cover injury or other catastrophes that may befall your crew or passengers. That way, you won’t just be protecting your boat - you’ll be saving the lives of others travelling with you!
The Ultimate Professionals
Our ultra-effective team of insurance agents work closely with globally-renowned insurance companies to provide you with the most dependable coverage at the best value. Simplify your next insurance policy purchase by contracting through experts you can trust! You’ll be able to relax while we do the policy hunting for you.
We guarantee you’ll love your experience with Yacht Agent Montenegro. Our years of experience will be put to use for you at a moment’s notice, providing you perfect service at a fraction of what other agencies charge. With the perfect blend of quality, reliability, and effectiveness, you’ll see why working with us is the easiest way to a worry-free yachting expedition. Use the contact form below to contact our team or call us by phone to find out more about our company and the services we offer.
Transfers of Crew, Passengers and Guests

Transfers of Crew, Passengers and Guests

Get to Where You’re Going Without the Hassle
No matter where your final destination may be, we’d be happy to help you get there. From the moment you arrive in Montenegrin waters, our team is ready to help you get to where you need to go at a moment’s notice. You’ll receive prompt, safe transfer of crew and guests from your marina to the airport, rail station, or anywhere else they need to go as soon as you need it.
Get There Faster.
Yacht Agent Montenegro’s staff are knowledgeable locals with a keen eye for safety on-the-go. You’ll get to your destination quicker and safer with their intimate knowledge of our nation’s roads and transportation systems. If you need to be transferred from our care to a different system, we’ll organize the quickest and easiest path for you.
A Little Goes a Long Way
Our top-notch transportation service is provided at rock-bottom prices without ever compromising safety or quality of service. You can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the most effective transportation service at the most competitive prices in the nation. Yacht Agent Montenegro’s transportation specialists will have you to your destination in no time!
Put our knowledge to the test by contacting us below or calling our team today! We’d be happy to guide you through all the services we offer. From yacht repair to TAX FREE bunkering and provisions, we do it all - and we do it perfectly.
We love helping our clients achieve their travelling goals, and we believe our services show it. We guarantee you’ll love your experience with our company. Once you see how dedicated each of our staff members is to providing quality and excellence in customer service, you’ll understand there’s no better choice in travel agency. You deserve to work with a company as epic as your travels. You deserve Yacht Agent Montenegro.
Team building and Corporate Charters

Team building and Corporate Charters

An elegant corporate yacht party, mixing business with pleasure, will put your company on the first class.
A corporate yacht charter is the best way to enjoy the fruits of hard earned success and to build long-lasting business relationships. You can use a sailing trip for corporate hospitality, team building, empoyee morale building or networking. Every year more and more companies are discovering the benefits of corporate sailing. Chartering a yacht for a business event guarantees a privileged and unique venue.
It's much more impressive to organize a corporate yacht charter than booking even the best restaurant.
A yacht can offer a multitude of business facilities such as specialized communication systems, audio visual equipment for presentations, etc... and even a conference room if required.
We will find you the most suitable yacht following your criteria and assist you through each aspect of the organization: berth allocation, techniques equipment, catering, decoration, tents, carpets, entertainment, transportation, hostesses etc.
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