Porto Montenegro Tivat

Montenegro’s Travel Hub By Air and Sea

Porto Montenegro Tivat

For travellers looking to experience the thrill and comfort of the most modern marina in Montenegro, Port Tivat is the perfect stop. The bustling urban landscape surrounding this picturesque modern marina is home to everything you could ever want in a vacation destination. Whether you start your trip out here or end it in these waters, you won’t have to travel far - the largest airport in Montenegro is just 7 kilometers away! With such a perfect balance of modern amenities and breathtaking natural scenery, why travel anywhere else?

GPS coordinates of marina Porto Montenegro - Tivat:

  • N 42 25.992
  • E 18 41.454
Up to 250m in length
Position of the marina Porto Montenegro - Tivat on Google Maps

A City In Its Youth

A City In Its Youth

Tivat is one of the youngest and most modern cities in the Boka region. In spite of this, the area has one of the most vibrant and dynamic tourism scenes in the country of Montenegro.
People come from all around the world to experience its luxury resorts, sandy beaches, and wealth of cultural activities like Tivat’s Summer Fest. Construction is booming in this new city, making the future look only brighter for future travellers.
Unique Attractions

Unique Attractions

Despite its young age, Tivat has claims to fame that are truly all its own. The gardens of Navy Park house exotic plants from all over the world and are truly a wonder to behold.
Pieced together by eminent naval officers in the days of Austria-Hungary, Navy Park represents years of hard work and dedication from the old nation’s vast ocean-faring fleet.
In the city’s center, the beautiful Renaissance architecture of Summer House Buca stands in homage to what was one of the most powerful noble families in the region. And in the bay, Montenegro’s newest port project is unfolding.
With more than 600 available berths, the size of your watercraft is of no concern here. In the words of Peter Munk, the naval base Port Tivat was built upon was designed “...to cater to warships.”
Come experience Tivat for yourself!

Come experience Tivat for yourself!

No matter what brings you to the beautiful city of Tivat, one thing is certain: you’ll never want to leave. Let Yacht Agent Montenegro help you plan the perfect excursion to this city in-bloom.
You’ll enjoy every minute of your stay in Tivat, and we’ll be the ones to help you make the trip a reality. Contact us by phone +382 67 132233 or e-mail montenegro@yachtagent.net today to plan your next exciting getaway!
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