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Agency Services

  • Clearance Procedure

  • Berth reservation (short term and long term)

  • TAX FREE Refueling - Bunkering

  • Provisioning and supplying

  • Technical support, spare parts and emergency repairs

  • Pilotage services

  • Concierge services 24/7

  • Flower arrangements

  • Landry and dry cleaning

  • Medical assistance

  • Security

  • Itinenaryplanning

  • Cash to master and bank transactions

  • Yacht transportation

  • Yacht delivery

Formalities with the Customs and Port Authorities

Our highly-skilled team of mediators is here to expedite port authority formalities on your behalf. With years of experience and insight into all that port entry entails, we’ll provide you with everything you need to enjoy the crystal blue waters of Montenegro as soon as possible. From documentation to permits and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Navigating a foreign country’s port processing on your own can be a lengthy, costly, and frustrating endeavor. It doesn’t have to be. Contract through us, and you’ll have your very own inside advocate with intimate knowledge of Montenegro’s clearance procedures.

Let us simplify the struggle by offering a helping hand. From cruising permits, to checking in and checking out, we’ll expedite your dealings with port authorities. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy more time on the water rather than wading through paperwork and other bureaucracy. You focus on the voyage - we’ll take care of the rest.

In order to get the most out of our services, please announce your arrival at least 24 hours in advance. With this bit of extra time, we’ll be able to make the customs experience and other port formalities as short as possible. Get in - get out - get back on the water.

We guarantee you’ll be astounded at the speed, quality, and reliability of our team. You’re set on enjoying an unforgettable voyage, and we’re dedicated to delivering that experience with world-class finesse. For more information on who we are and why we’re the right team for the job, contact us using the form below or talk with us on the phone. After a short exchange, you’ll have no doubt that we’re the right team for the job.

Once we’ve rolled out the red carpet for you, restock, refresh and repair with our yacht supplying, hotel reservation, and professional mechanic services. When you set out on your next adventure, you’ll be glad you did!

Berth registration in Montenegro

No matter where you find yourself on the Montenegrin coast, we’ll be there waiting with the perfect berth. When you decide to dock for the day, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make booking a breeze. If there’s a spot open, you can bet we’ll find it - even during the peak season.

Don’t gamble on mooring without a reservation - save time and effort by letting us book a berth for you at your next destination. You’ll rest easy knowing that you have a safe harbor to come back to, with a comfortable mooring location set aside just for you.

Our experienced staff is able to coordinate reservations with any and all marinas on the Montenegro coast. No matter where your adventures end up taking you, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us as soon as you know you’re coming through! We’re excited to help you dock up and wind down. The earlier we know you’ll be coming to dock, the sooner we can reserve that perfect spot in the marina for you.

When making your mooring decision, let us find you great deals on local hotels or help you stock up for your next trip. If you’d like to experience the beauty and distinction of the Montenegrin countryside, we even provide exciting tours manned by trained professionals. If you’re ready to experience a lush coastline with personality unlike anything you’ve seen, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your needs may be, we’re here to ensure your experience in Montenegro is one you’ll remember for years to come.

After just one experience with our talented team, you’ll know you’ve found capable, hard-working experts. We guarantee you’ll love what we can accomplish together. Let us put our skills to work for you, so you can spend more time doing what you love: exploring.

TAX FREE Bunkering in Montenegro

Passing through Montenegro on the way to your next destination? Let our team help you replenish your fuel and oil with no tax on your purchase! We’re all ready to help you continue on toward the next leg of your journey.

As any boater knows, one of the most important and expensive parts of a voyage is bunkering. Strategy when filling up can make the difference between a pleasant trip and one fraught with anxiety. Don’t let your destination be dictated by heightened gas and oil prices - take matters into your own hands. Skip the tax and enjoy more financial freedom on your next expedition.

If you’d like us to provide you with tax free diesel and oil on your next stop, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so we may have the appropriate bunkering paperwork ready for you. A little extra planning can go a long way - and it’ll help you do the same!

When you visit our bunker station, why not take a little detour to sample Montenegro’s unique coastline? Maybe your boat’s not the only thing running a little low on fuel. Take advantage of the delicious eateries and other necessities we provide through our yacht resupplying service. You’ll find that Montenegro is much, much more than just a convenient stop to refuel. It’s a living, breathing, dynamic coastline with plenty of rich history and fine foods to enjoy.

We’re here to ensure your trip is the ultimate getaway, no matter where it takes you. Our team of highly-trained professionals is confident you’ll love the dependability, hospitality, and quality of service we offer.

Contact us today to learn what our knowledgeable staff can do for you! We’re always available the contact form below or by phone. We look forward to providing you the ultimate yachting experience in Montenegro.

Provision and Yacht Supplying in Montenegro

Delicious Food On Land Or At Sea
Experience the finest foods, drinks and spirits in the Balkans by resupplying through Yacht Agent Montenegro on your next landfall. We’ll stock you with the finest provisions Montenegro has to offer at the lowest price you’ll not find anywhere. You’ll be supplied with meals just as unforgettable as your voyage.

Quality You Can Taste
Just because you’re travelling by sea doesn’t mean you have to eat like a sailor. We’ll stock your ship with lush fruits and vegetables, savory meats, fresh bread, and delicious cheeses for the perfect meal. You’ll feel like you’re sailing in a floating gourmet restaurant!

The Best Value - Period.
Our team of ship chandlers is the best you’ll find anywhere. From cruise ships to navy vessels and all the pleasure crafts in-between, we’ll source your ship with everything you need to stay happy and healthy. We’ll find the exact supplies you need at a value that will astound you - no matter how big or small the vessel.

Dining on the Coast
Planning on staying awhile? We’ll show you the most attractive, unforgettable eateries in Montenegro. When you plan your next celebration or business dinner, Yacht Agent Montenegro’s staff will find the perfect restaurant, wherever you may be. Experience each port’s unique local flavors for yourself with guidance from knowledgeable locals!

When you come to port to restock your provisions, take advantage of our tax-free bunkering service! When you provide us with a day’s notice, we’ll happily supply you with duty-free, high-quality diesel and oil. Save time and money by letting us help you with both!

We guarantee you’ll love our company’s quality goods and hospitality. For more information on yacht resupplying or any other services we offer, use the contact form below or call at your earliest convenience. Let’s make your next stop in Montenegro one you’ll remember for years to come.

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Clearance Procedure
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TAX FREE Refueling - Bunkering
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Technical support, spare parts and emergency repairs
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Concierge services 24/7
Flower arrangements
Loundry and dry cleaning
Medical assistance
Intinerary planning
Cash to master and bank transactions
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Yacht delivery
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Yacht delivery and transportation
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Day workers - Deck, Engine and Interior
VIP Excursions (wine, hunting, adrenaline, Big game fishing, diving, religios tours)
Luxury car and VAN rentals and transfers
Helicopter tours and transfers
Team building and sightseening for crew members
Luxury events and weddings
Casino and night out reservation and organisation

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