Yacht Management

  • Owner representatives
  • Obtaining of Charter licence
  • Financial monitoring and budget control
  • Legal and insurance services
  • Yacht Sale and Purchase
  • Yacht Registration and deletion from registries
  • Classification and Flagstate control
  • Surveying and audits
  • Shipping and transport
  • Yacht delivery and transportation
  • TAX and VAT representation services
Yacht Registration

Yacht Registration

Sail Under the Montenegrin Flag Easily and Safely
Take advantage of the benefits that sailing a registered Montenegrin yacht offers. Our legal professionals will show you easy ways to cut down on yacht registration fees and walk you through all the documentation necessary to register in Montenegro. You’ll be glad you did!
Numerous Benefits
With a growing global interest in what Montenegro can offer the yachting community, registration of foreign vessels under our nation’s flag is growing more popular. Recent legislation has made it much easier and economically appealing to fly the Montenegrin flag. For example, only about eight documents are needed in the process, and yacht-related taxes have been cut significantly to boost Montenegro’s tourism sector. We’ll show you exactly how to take advantage of these benefits so you can enjoy the best watercraft experience at the best value!
Don't Go It Alone
Our team of registration specialists knows all of the tricks to facilitating a quick and easy registration process. Your boat will be a bonafide Montenegro Yacht in no time! With an in-depth understanding of the preregistration process, the conditions of watercraft registration, applicable fees, and transfer of registry protocol, we’ll put our years of experience to work for you.
The Value Doesn't End There
Once you’re sailing under a Montenegrin flag, protect your investment with the best policies from the most trusted, world-renowned insurance companies. We can help! Contact our team today to find terms that are a perfect fit for your vessel.
Yacht Agent Montenegro prides itself in being one of the highest-quality, most trustworthy and effective nautical servicing agencies in the nation. We’d be happy to share the same wonderful customer experience that so many thousands of people have enjoyed already with you! Contact us through the form below or call by phone today to start your yachting adventure out on the right foot! We look forward to hearing from you.
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